Great Places to Visit Near Seaside Resort in North Myrtle Beach!

Planning a beach trip involves several stages of preparation: First, it’s excitement about the main course – the beach itself, which evokes dreams of sand between your toes, refreshing breezes, and much needed relaxation. You can begin to smell the sunblock! Second, you begin to think about things like grandma’s sleeping arrangements, whether to pack the leaf blower or the Russian nesting doll collection, or if you should take the “scenic route” through Speedtrapville.  Third, you start to think about what the blazes you’re going to do after you check in, dig in the sand, and crack open that first beverage.

There’s no doubt a million and a half things to do in the Myrtle Beach area – it’s why we rock! However narrowing things down to what you absolutely want to do, what you have time to do, and what won’t break the bank can be tough! That’s where we come in! Here’s 5 great places VERY close to Seaside Resort that can help you save money, have a great time, and not have you driving in beach traffic longer than you want!

Dino’s Pancakes .06 miles from Seaside

Dino’s is a North Myrtle Beach Institution! Great Food AND Service!

Dino’s is right across Hwy 17 from Seaside Resort. It’s one of the oldest and BEST places to eat breakfast on the entire Grand Strand. If you’re looking for a great place to start your day, head to Dino’s and enjoy classic and new breakfast dishes that are sure to have you leaving with a full belly and a big smile! Dino’s has been open for over 50 years and their classic sign and décor will really take you back to the beach trips you took when you were a kid (Ignore the one circle that won’t light up at the bottom – it’s been like that for decades and adds to the charm!). The prices give you the best bang for the buck around!

Dodge’s Chicken – .06 miles from Seaside

Comfort Food at its Finest!

What?!, a gas station? Are you kidding me?

I am NOT kidding you – Dodge’s Chicken is a nearby place that you will want to go to whether you partake of their excellent and crispy fried delights! Obviously, it’s a place where you can get gas, but not just any gas – some of the cheapest in the area. Locals LOVE to get gas here and save a ton. Before you head back home, this is the best place to gas up, get some cold drinks, make that last bathroom break, and get some snacks. Now, if you are looking for something more substantial, you have got to try their famous fried chicken, egg rolls, or JoJo’s (giant French fries/potato wedges).

Lost Treasure Golf – .08 miles from Seaside

Lost Treasure Golf is always an adventure!

One of the great things about North Myrtle Beach and the entire Grand Strand is the diverse cornucopia of miniature golf courses. Dinosaur, active volcanos, Polynesian, crashed planes, and pirate themed golf courses can all be found in our area, but only one offers a mine cart train ride to the first holes! This would be the very famous and unique Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf. I can tell you first hand, that both kids and adults love this course! The staff at Lost Treasure Golf is very friendly and the course features a giant waterfall, caves, beautiful scenery, and great props. The holes are a great mix of challenging and fun. It’s time for an adventure!

Jackaxe – 1.3 miles from Seaside

Jackaxe is a fun and safe place to throw axes, chill, dance, and have a great time!

Who wants to go to an axe throwing party!?

If you said “Yes!” or even “WHAT?!” there’s a place relatively new to North Myrtle Beach that is just a few blocks from Seaside called Jackaxe! In a very safe, controlled environment, you can throw axes and even ninja stars into wooden targets while listening to great music. All ages are welcome and the fine folks there do a fantastic job of instruction and buy ambien online Mexico keeping the party going! Groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday parties are welcome. I recently attended a private event there with our team (pictured above!) and we had an absolute blast!

Hawaiian Rumble Golf and Batting Cates – 1.1 miles from Seaside

Hawaiian Rumble is one of the most beautiful putt-putt courses in the world!

Staying at Seaside affords you the privilege of being in proximity of the #1 ranked miniature golf course in the ENTIRE WORLD, Hawaiian Rumble! This absolutely gorgeous course features waterfalls, an active volcano, beautiful foliage, and relaxing Hawaiian music. It’s easy to see why this course has been chosen as the USPMGA Masters location. It’s open from 9am to 10pm (weather permitting) and it’s a great place to go with the family after an evening meal. Aloha!

Seaside is absolutely one of the best oceanfront hotels on the beach. It’s boutique style and lovely accommodations are perfect compliments for the ideal location, awesome amenities, and friendly staff you’ll encounter during your stay. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your experiences with these great attractions (seriously – try the JoJo’s at Dodge’s!!).

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music in several brass groups in the Myrtle Beach area, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

Great Places to Visit Near Seaside Resort in North Myrtle Beach!