What Are the 3 Best Shows in Myrtle Beach?

Let’s go see a show!

The Grand Strand has no shortage of entertainment options for travelers or locals alike. There are both small and large venues that host bands of all genres, movie theaters with amazing sound and seating, as well as fantastic dinner shows like Medieval Times and Pirate’s Voyage. What we’re going to focus on here are the traditional musical shows akin to something you would see in Nashville, Vegas, or on Broadway. These 3 shows have been around for decades and have delighted travelers from all over the world. Get ready to tap your feet, clap your hands, and sing along, because here are the 3 top shows in the Myrtle Beach area!

The One Show at the Alabama Theatre

Singing and dancing at the Alabama Theatre
Broadway-esque talent in Myrtle Beach!

Going on almost 30 years, this staple of Myrtle Beach entertainment is located in perhaps the most beautiful venue on the Grand Strand. The Alabama Theatre was founded by the super group Alabama, whose roots were established in the famous “Bowery” in the heart of Myrtle Beach. They partnered with Gaylord Entertainment from Nashville and created a superb variety show that showcases dozens of genres, movie and pop culture references, and some of the best talent you’ll ever experience. The show is extremely positive, uplifting, and just plain fun. Not to sound too cliché, but there really is something for everyone! The Alabama Theatre is also known for having a very friendly and welcoming staff who can accommodate any guest. You won’t be disappointed!

America’s Show at the Carolina Opry

Singing and dancing at the Carolina Opry
Carolina Opry is always a great time!

The Carolina Opry first opened its doors in 1986 and is known for having some of the most talented performers from Nashville, Vegas, Broadway and more. Their main show has evolved over the years and will change throughout each season, always keeping things fresh and fun! America’s Show features a musical journey and variety that will delight kids and adults alike. Singing, dancing, comedy, and dazzling costumes will make you want to come back again and again! As you are walking out to your vehicle after the show you will definitely smile and say “WOW!”Make a reservation when you book your trip!

Legends in Concert

Celebrity impersonators at Legends in concert
You never know who you might see at the Legends Theater!

Talk about fun!! Who wouldn’t like to see Elvis, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, and Garth Brooks on the same concert? While this may be impossible (for those without a time machine), you can see the next best thing with Legends in Concert, conveniently located at the Legend’s Theater at Broadway at the Beach! Some of the most talented singers and dancers have honed their vocals and choreography to such a level that you’ll swear you are seeing the real deal! This two hour show is an absolute blast for lovers of music, nostalgia, and those looking to clap, sing, and dance along! This show also changes quite a bit, so you’ll always have something fresh to enjoy! Currently, the featured performers include, Annie Lennox, Elvis Pressley, Freddie Mercury, The Blues Brothers (my favorite!), Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston and Garth Brooks will be coming this October.

Which show should you choose when you next visit the beach? All THREE, of course!

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC & is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, & relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

What Are the 3 Best Shows in Myrtle Beach?