Why You Need Live Music in North Myrtle Beach

The House of Blues hosts the biggest acts!

When you reminisce over past vacations, there’s several moments that tend to stick out when you remember the great times you had. It might be something as profound as a real milestone, such as child losing a tooth, learning to swim, or a birthday celebration. It might be the natural beauty of the area, the smell of great food, or the moment of Zen you feel as the ocean breeze whisks through your hair. It might even be hanging by the pool at the resort, strolling through a shopping/entertainment complex, or that time the whole family went to the oceanfront seafood restaurant. One thing that helps us hold on to these memories, like a bullet-point, reminder-notification, or translucent tab on a file folder is LIVE MUSIC.

When you vacation in popular areas like Myrtle Beach, live music is everywhere: Resorts, clubs, restaurants, bars, poolside, shopping/entertainment complexes like Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach, and even just musicians on the street. I can’t overstate the importance of having this in our area, particularly during the summer months – and I don’t just mean for the livelihood and intrinsic needs of the musicians. Live music provides the soundtrack and synesthesia that creates nodes in time which we can revisit with ease when we hear “Margaritaville” on the radio or while waiting to get an oil change.

Think about it – you’re sitting there in Jiffy Lube, playing a “match-3” game on your phone, not thinking about anything in particular. Then, you notice Jimmy Buffett on the radio and you are instantly transported to a North Myrtle Beach vacation you took with the family 5 years ago: You were all sitting outdoors at a fantastic oceanfront restaurant and the appetizers had just came. There were 10 of you and you had to wait a bit to get your table, but hey – it was the summer! Now you were here, the sun was going down, there was a slight breeze… and all was right with the world. There were two guitarists on stools doing their very own rendition of Buffett’s masterpiece and were cracking everyone up with some lyrics which bordered on NSFW! You remember laughing, looking around the table and seeing kids who were now in college, your spouse who was a little grayer up top (and further along in the middle!), and you remember how Uncle Vern (who is no longer with us) sang along and laughed with the kids.

You are wearing a slight smile as you stare into the middle distance and instantly come back to the now as you are asked if you want to get your oil filter changed. Back to life, back to reality. But….for a brief moment – because of that silly song and those live musicians – you were able to time travel to that exact moment and relive that precious memory. When you visit North Myrtle Beach, or anywhere on your next vacation, take a moment to appreciate and let that live music stamp an imprint on your memories. In between the peel and eat shrimp and your nephew’s “dad jokes”, bend your ear to hear that awful Nickelback song with which the guy with dreads is taking artistic liberties! It will help you where to buy xanax hang on to the best of times!

Here’s some great places to hear live music (especially during the summer!) in North Myrtle Beach:

Waterfront venues like Boardwalk Billy’s are some of the best places to hear live, local acts and to have a darn good time!

Boardwalk Billy’s/Local on the Water/Captain Archie’s:

These 3 restaurants are not only 3 of the best places to get fresh seafood, sushi, and amazing service – they have top quality live music every night in the summer. Plus – they are all right on the water! You can’t go wrong!

Main St. in North Myrtle Beach –

If you are looking to make music and dancing the main event of your evening, look no further! Main St. Boasts some of the BEST live music on the entire Grand Strand. You have Fat Harold’s, a Shag staple which will feature terrific beach music and Duck’s, which will have bands playing everything from beach to Motown to Disco to 80’s & 90’s. Both have fantastic bars and Duck’s even has live outdoor music on the sidewalk.

Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove has a great variety of local acts playing rock, reggae, hip-hop, country, and classic rock. The atmosphere is fun and you’re sure to have a blast! They also have a rooftop bar and deck which provides a breathtaking view of the ocean while you enjoy the best of times!

An Iconic Edifice on the Grand Strand.

The House of Blues

The HOB is the #1 venue for A-listers and top acts from around the country. There’s no better or bigger stage and you get to choose from The main stage, restaurant, and “The Deck” for awesome live music and great food. You can’t go wrong at the HOB!

Music on Main is fun and free!

Music on Main –

Every Thursday, from June through October, you can enjoy a free concert at “The Horseshoe”, right at the end of Main St at Ocean Blvd. Bring a lawn/beach chair and listen to popular acts like Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot, Jim Quick and Coastline, The Entertainers, The Band of Oz, The Catalinas, and the Entertainers. Great times!

These are just the tip of the iceberg for great live music in North Myrtle Beach. You’re sure to find live music in most restaurants and Barefoot Landing will have music everywhere!

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Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music in several brass groups in the Myrtle Beach area, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

Why You Need Live Music in North Myrtle Beach