Seaside Guest Newsletter - Spring 2023

Spring 2023

Greetings from Seaside

Winter is here at Seaside and we are enjoying both the warmer and cooler days. Mother nature may not be able to make up her mind, but we are 100% excited about how beautiful Seaside is looking and how 2023 is going to be fantastic!

Welcome to the Seaside Team!
Page Burns

Breakfast Attendant Page Burns has joined the SeaSide Inn staff coming from Avista Resort. Page is providing an outstanding breakfast experience to all guests and making waffles is her specialty. Page is proving to be a guest favorite!

We Took the Pledge!

We are proud to announce that we have taken the Sensory-Friendly Pledge, which means we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment, where we welcome everyone, including those on the autism spectrum or with sensory disorders. 


Have you had breakfast in our breakfast room? If you've never enjoyed breakfast at Seaside, you're missing out! It's easy, quick, and the best way to start your day during your vacation. We have great views and even better waffles! Breakfast is $6.50 for Adults, $5.00 for Kids.

Easter at the Beach!

Easter at Seaside was a fun time, as always! The Easter Bunny was on hand to celebrate, take pictures, and give out goodies! Everyone enjoyed the coloring contest and a great time was had by all!

The Cherry Grove Pier Reconstruction 

The Pier reconstruction is coming along nicely and the gap has almost been closed! The Driftwood Restaurant is open now 11am-7pm and the Tackle Shop open 9am-5pm, daily.

The Cherry Grove Pier is located 4.7 miles from Seaside

Did you know?

Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach see an average of 2,800 hours of sunshine per year!

Reviews from our Recent Guests

We had something very exciting happen this year on our trip to Seaside, our 6 year old learned to swim! We started the week with her using a floaty and by the end up the week she was letting dad toss her in the water and swimming all the way across the 3 foot!

Kayla O.

My best friend and I try to come here every year. The staff here is great. If we ever have any issues we know that they will be addressed very quickly. The breakfast room attendants are all very friendly and helpful.

Rhonda H.